General Electric (GE) Automotive Light Bulbs

General Electric has the most comprehensive list of automotive lighting on the market today.

General Electric’s site covers a plethora of automotive lighting products, and, like its in-home focus, it has yet to turn away from the traditional, stable incandescent bulb. The following is a list of light-bulb categories offered by GE:

  • High-performance headlights
  • Standard headlights
  • Fog lights
  • Daytime running lights
  • Parking lights
  • Directional lights, front and rear
  • Taillights
  • Stop and high-mount stop lights
  • Sidemarkers, front and rear
  • Reverse and cornering lights
  • Instrument lights
  • License plate lights
  • Glove compartment lights
  • Map lights
  • Dome lights
  • Step and convenience lights
  • Truck and cargo lights
  • Under-the-hood lights

Impressive. Since many of these very specific (but very useful) lighting applications do not include a wide array of internal models, we’ll just address the major ones. We’ll add some description to some of these specifications, since the numbers hardly explain what each model provides the consumer.

High-performance headlights

  • GE Nighthawk (premium halogen, high and low beam)
  • GE T3.5 (premium low beam)
  • GE T4.75 (multi-beam technology)

Standard headlights

  • GE Standard headlamp (low beam)
  • GE PAR46 (extra contact lug)
  • GE PAR56


  • GE B6 (single contact, low voltage)
  • GE G6 (single contact, multi-purpose bulb for tail, cornering or instrument use)
  • GE S8 (plastic wedge contact, but shorter life)
  • GE T5 (wedge, extremely long life at 10,000 hours)

Fog lights

  • GE S8 (double contact, long life)
  • GE Nighthawk T4.75 (premium, gas-filled)
  • GE T7 (single contact, very short life)

General Electric Automotive Focus

Clearly, General Electric floods the market with an impressive variety of products for lighting the front, rear, and interior of your vehicle. Although many of its subsections - internal, dome and tail lights - repeat bulb types, GE still offers many, many different products. Also of note is the car-bulb matching menu available on their website, which quickly links car models with a host of replacement light bulbs.

Unlike Sylvania, GE is counting on the consumer desiring quick, instant access to cheap replacement parts rather than providing a limited selection of premium upgrades.